Website Design AND Development


We help companies build great tools by focusing on design and user experiences. We are using ground breaking technologies which are changing everyone’s lives.

Mesees, which helps you take full advantage of changes across a multitude of experiences, including talormade design corporate websites, e-commerce, mobile apps with sophisticated backends, and digital products. Our clients range from Startups to established Fortune 500 companies.

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Collaboration & Design

The creation of successful high performance design is founded upon an understanding of how the organization's structure, organizational goals and the external environment all impact each other and impact on the organization's performance.
Research, brainstorm, draw UX/UI, draft of layout and review together. We will meet with client every time in each process of development a website.

Programming Development

A successful website always need an expandable backend programming to support rather than just a nice design within a year trends. We use self-developed Content Management System (CMS) to fulfill our client needs, without written any scripts or code but all are What You See Is What You Get backend. (We also development in any open source CMS or Shopping Cart System if required.)

Support and Maintenance

90% of our client are small-middle size company which may not have any I.T. support or website maintenance experiences. We are offering to our clients with affordable and reasonable design support, I.T. support or Customer Service support. We can share the ideas how to make your business success to integrate between online and offline.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Wix, SquareSpace or Weebly for Your Corporate Website?

All of these tools are incredibly simple to use — however, they often come with a lot of drawbacks, as well.

I’ve often had clients come to me after using Wix or Weebly to build a website and ask for some help making their sites more visible.  and there lies the rub so to speak.  Wix makes it very easy to build a great looking website, and very easy to build a very badly performing website. However,

Nevertheless, I always encourage startups or corporate to use any open source CMS to development as a framework like any headless CMS or WordPress, as they provided well documentation and common base for most of developers and designer to follow. Also, the open source community is also a key value to solve most of problems by effective way.

Thats why people loves Google and Apple.