Case Studies ONE

A global scale handbag and luggage manufacturing company with factories in China and Vietnam, headquarter in Hong Kong.

A Handbag and Luggage Manufacturing Company that require high quality connections for their day-to-day communications and data transmission to help them restructure their company’s networking connect all of its offices in the China (GuangXi and DongGuan), Vietnam and Hong Kong securely, without having to invest in costly infrastructures.

Before deploying our network integration solutions:

  1. China’s staff were using the free email account in china, such as 163.com, yahoo and Hotmail
  2. HR system cannot synchronize the database between headquarter and china’s office automatically. Vendor must implement the manual synchronization remotely
  3. Skype used for share files as well as voice communication, sometimes they will use the long distance call if the Internet not stable or disconnected.


After the several meetings with this client, we provided the complete network integration solutions to enhance their business operation through our MPLS VPN Platform, which connects multiple locations to converge voice, video, and data onto a single IP-based network. The solution meets Cisco’s standards for running converged services such as voice, video, and data. MPLS VPN allows them to take advantage of seamless connectivity and business continuity anywhere, at any time, on any device.



After deploying our network integration solutions:

  1. Each staff got their own company email account instead of the free account to communicate with internal and external. It can maintain consistency throughout the business operation.
  2. Each staff has their own VOIP phone with extension as same as the traditional phone instead of the skype. According to this network design, we have installed the voice gateway to PSTN in HK, they can dial-out to HK number or others based on the phone line that provided by the client. It is sharply improved the production communication and business operation.
  3. Each staff share files and folder as same as the sharing file in windows operations system instead of sending by email or skype. It linked up the bridge of data communication between China and HK Staffs to improve the efficiency.
  4. Staff was enabled to use the mobile VPN services with notebook or mobile device to send and receive emails without changing any email configuration anywhere. Likewise, it is no barriers for any web browsing while using the MPLS VPN service. The efficiency of the production and business operation was enhanced by 300% from our client testimonial.
  5. HR system is now synchronized the database between headquarter and china’s office automatically , it improve the productivity.

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Case Studies TWO