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TLD by IRCMin. YearsRegisterTransfer
.com1$150.00 HKD$150.00 HKD
.com.hk1$250.00 HKD$250.00 HKD
.net.hk1$250.00 HKD$250.00 HKD
.org.hk1$250.00 HKD$250.00 HKD
.hk1$250.00 HKD$250.00 HKD
.com.cn1$150.00 HKD$150.00 HKD
.cn1$150.00 HKD$150.00 HKD | .cc | .bz1$380.00 HKD$380.00 HKD
.net1$250.00 HKD$250.00 HKD
.org1$200.00 HKD$200.00 HKD
.co.uk1$200.00 HKD$200.00 HKD
.info1$200.00 HKD$200.00 HKD
.eu1$200.00 HKD$300.00 HKD
.io2$200.00 HKD$350.00 HKD
.mobi2$200.00 HKD$200.00 HKD
.app2$200.00 HKD$350.00 HKD
Notification of  Domains :
1. It CAN contain English a-z, 0-9 and “-“. CANNOT contain special characters and symbols.(!、$、&、?, etc);
2. “-“cannot put together, or put at beginning or ending;
3. Within 63 characters;

Register domain / / / .hk domain name request HK Business Registration Certificate (B/R) domain name request non-profit Certificate copy domain name request pnet license copy
.hk domain name request HK ID Copy or Passport Copy

Register domain .cn/
According to China Registration, We are only accept “REAL NAME” information submit to CNNIC. The domain name registered only after submitted and passed to CNNIC.
You must submit the REAL information to CNNIC within 1 day, otherwise the registration will fail and DNS server will not be valid.



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